4 Healthier Beans + Eggs Breakfast Recipes


Time for an upgrade!

We love to make beans and eggs as that go-to meal without the hassle. (Or, more accurately, that go-to meal when you’ve got nothing left to cook with in the fridge.) Beans and eggs are a solid source of protein (translation: higher energy, a fuller stomach, and stronger muscles), and they’re as simple as simple gets. But if, like us, you’re looking to graduate from the standard recipe of canned beans mixed with fried eggs, we’ve got you covered. Here are four of our favorite (kinda fancy, but still kinda home-y) upgraded recipes for a better breakfast. 

#1 Polenta, Refried Beans & Egg Skillet Bake | Ambitious Kitchen

Source: Ambitious Kitchen

Mmm, refried beans and fried eggs. They’re definitely a comfort food, but when mixed with creamy polenta and avocados in a skillet, you’re definitely not basic anymore. We love this recipe for a baked skillet dish (also pictured above) from Ambitious Kitchen, and it can be spice-ified  and toned down to suit individual preferences. Find the full recipe here.

#2 Baked Eggs in Popped Beans | Jamie Oliver

Source: Jamie Oliver

If anyone knows how to dress up eggs and beans, it’s Jamie Oliver. We love this super simple recipe, which calls for cannellini beans (packed with protein, vitamin C, and magnesium) and fresh ingredients like basil, fennel seeds, and ripe cherry tomatoes. Check out his full recipe here.

#3 Sweet Potato, Black Bean, & Egg White Breakfast Burritos | Ambitious Kitchen

Source: Ambitious Kitchen

Here’s a wholesome breakfast recipe to start your day with a crunch. We like the unique combination of creamy sweet potatoes, egg whites, and black beans on these little high-protein guys. Ambitious Kitchen also throws in enchilada sauce and avocados for a super-stuffed breakfast food! Again, if you’re going gluten free, try to find corn tortillas that are certified gluten-free. Find the full recipe on Ambitious Kitchen here.

Source: Ambitious Kitchen

#4 Breakfast Quesadillas with Scrambled Eggs, Spinach, & Black Beans | COOKIE + Kate

Source: Cookie + Kate

Not a burrito fan? Try a quesadilla. We booked these vegetarian breakfast quesadillas with scrambled eggs, spinach, and black beans from blogger Cookie + Kate because they fill our Freshly quota of flavor, nutrition, and convenience (they are way easier to take to work than eggs and beans themselves.) If, like us, you’re going gluten-free, try swapping the whole grain tortilla for a corn tortilla. Find the full recipe here.

Source: Cookie + Kate