The 3 Best Low-Carb Burger Recipes That Won’t Make You Crash

Salmon BLT Stacks-3

We found burgers that won’t make you feel like you’ll have to spend the next three weeks at the gym. 

If you can throw back a couple of burgers this summer and still have the energy to hit your gym or 6-mile run, we bow down – you’re a lucky soul. But if indulging in 10 minutes of  grilled heaven equates to that heavy, bloated, tired feeling… you’re not alone. It’s not the juicy beef patty that gives you that awful post-indulgence feeling, however. (We’re all about beefy protein, after all.) The culprit is that starchy, high-glycemic, carb-heavy burger bun. Darn you, bun. You taste good, too. Thankfully, you’ve got choices. We’ve put together three of our favorite low-carb bun-less burgers, so you don’t have to.

Tomato Avocado Burgers | The Iron You

Source: The Iron You

We are crazy about these burgers. Messy, yes. Probably will need a dozen napkins, yes. But this genius recipe from triathlete/yogi/health enthusiast blogger Mike (The Iron You) combines two of our favorite ingredients: fresh, juicy tomatoes and avocado to give you the ultimate sloppy, bunless burger. Throw in chili powder, greek yogurt, and sea salt, and you’ve got yourself a deal. We’re only the messengers here, so find the full recipe on Mike’s blog.

Paleo “Fudruckkers” Burger | South Beach Primal

Source: South Beach Primal

The Paleo blogger behind South Beach Primal, Rachel, wanted to “Paleo-fy” her favorite traditional burger from the restaurant Fudrucckers. (Apparently Fudrucckers has the “World’s Greatest Hamburgers.”) Paleo-fy she did. Personally, we prefer this version over the traditional version…. no offense to the restaurant chain. It’s lighter, healthier, and doesn’t make you scrunch up your nose and cringe. Instead of brown sugar, Rachel used maple sugar, and instead of a bread bun, she used a lettuce wrap. (Try using romaine lettuce instead of iceberg to reap all the nutritional benefits of lettuce.) Throw in bacon and her own South Beach Primal sweet onion marmalade, and we think this recipe is hot, hot, hot. Find the full recipe on South Beach Primal.

 Salmon BLT Stacks | Barbells and Bellinis

Salmon BLT Stacks
Source: Barbells and Bellinis

Okay, so not technically a beef patty, but hey, this one’s for those fish-lovers out there. The blogger behind Barbells and Bellinis used slabs of salmon (delicious, juicy, seasoned slabs) to sandwich arugula, tomatoes, and thick-cut apple wood smoked bacon, then topped the “stack” with lemon caper vinaigrette. This is definitely one of our top fresh, clean-eating favorites. Check out the full recipe on Barbells and Bellinis here.