5 Refreshers for 4th of July


It’s the 4th of July. And we’re honoring life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness by sharing our favorite easy-to-concoct refreshers for you to share with your friends and family this long weekend! From cocktails to cold treats, we promise these low-sugar options will leave you and your guests feeling light, healthy, and just a little too happy. After all, Abraham Lincoln once said, “those who deny good food to others deserve it not themselves.” (Or something like that…) Enjoy!

#1 Pina Colada Popsicles | Minimalist Baker

Source: Minimalist Baker

Coconut, pineapple, rum. Need we say more? This recipe for creamy and naturally sweet pina colada popsicles (pictured in our feature image above) from Minimalist Baker is everything. With just 4 light ingredients and a prep time of less than 30 minutes, we think it’s a great choice for a very, very happy 4th of July. Check out the full recipe on Minimalist Baker’s blog here.

Source: Minimalist Baker

#2 Banana Split Kebabs | Delish

Source: Delish

For the kids. (And those of us who have the appetites of kids.) These banana split kebabs from Delish are a great alternative to more sugary concoctions, since they are both sweet and healthy. We like that the recipe calls for nothing but simple, whole, and fresh ingredients: bananas, pineapples, strawberries, chopped nuts, and chocolate. (We’d opt for dark chocolate, since they’re healthier.) Find the full recipe on Delish here.

#3 Red, White & Blue Smoothie | Earthy Feast

sangria ingredients
Source: Earthy Feast

“Give me smoothies, or give me death,” said Patrick Henry. Okay, he said ‘liberty’, not smoothies. This one’s for the super health conscious friends, out there. The recipe, from the blog Earthy Feast, calls for natural ingredients, the majority of which are delicious fruits. We love that hemp seeds and chia seeds are also thrown in there, to keep your essential nutrients in check. Find the full recipe on Earthy Feast.

smoothe itself
Source: Earthy Feast

#4 Red, White & Blue Sangria | Recipe Girl

Source: Recipe Girl

We like sangria, and we like this patriotic recipe. We make it minus the simple syrup, and it still tastes stellar. Find the recipe on the blog, Recipe Girl

#5 Pina Colada Nice Cream | Delish

Source: Delish

And finally, one of our most favorite recipes…pina colada “nice” cream. Probably as good as ice cream. This recipe also requires just 4 ingredients: cream of coconut (and coconut water), pineapple, toasted sweet coconut, and, of course, Malibu Rum. Feel free to skip the rum if you’re making this for the kids, too. We promise it’ll still make you pretty happy. Find the full recipe here.