Check Out Our New Freshly Meal Planner!


It’s a big week for Freshly. And our customers.

If you’re already a subscriber, you might have noticed our site looks a bit different. Don’t we look great? This week, we launched a new Meal Planner that makes it even easier to order, plan, and organize meals every week. You’ll spend less time shopping, cooking, and cleaning – not to mention squinting at your computer screen – and more time doing what you love.

If you’re not a Freshly subscriber, here’s how we work in a nutshell: We take care of the hard work if you’re looking to eat healthy but can’t find the time to chop, shop, and clean (or make sure you’re getting the recommended amount of nutrients.) You can choose 6, 9, 12, or 21 perfectly proportioned meals from our rotating menu, receive freshly made meals at your door (in 100% recyclable boxes), then heat, eat & enjoy in two minutes.

But there’s more! Here are some of the benefits you’ll get with the new Meal Planner.

You can change the number of meals you get every week. (No more wasted food!)
The new Freshly lets you control every week of your order separately. So if you’ve got an unexpected business trip next week, and don’t want to waste food (or your best friend is in town and you need more food), we’ve got you covered. You can add or reduce how many meals you get for each individual week with the click of a button – and no subscription changes or hassle. Learn all about how to do this here

Edit Meals
Get more or less Freshly meals for each upcoming week.

You change the address and day for each delivery. (You’re free to roam!)
Whether you want to eat Freshly at work this week or at home the next, you can easily change your delivery address, and have your Freshly box waiting when you arrive. You’ll also be able to customize the day you receive your meals every week – so you can get your Freshly on Wednesday this week, and Thursday the next. Learn how to do that here

You can plan your menu four weeks in advance. (Don’t stress about when you have time to hit the supermarket.)
Plan your meals for the next month from the comfort of your couch. No more wondering what to buy at the store this weekend. You can now manage your Freshly subscription up to four weeks into the future. That’s a month of meal planning, done. Go enjoy the nice weather! You’ll also be able to see what new meals are coming down the pike. Learn more here

Plan your menu four weeks in advance, including how many meals you want, where they’ll be delivered, and what day you want them at your door.

What’s your flavor?

You can specify your dietary preferences.
Don’t like nuts? Not a dairy fan? Turkey make you cringe? Freshly knows individuals might have personal dietary preferences, so you can now set these in your account. If any meals in your order go off the menu, we’ll automatically replace that meal with a delicious substitution that matches your preferences. Learn how to do this here.

For even more information on how to work the convenient new Freshly into your busy life, check out our support center for the big picture.

Of course, we know changes inevitably come with a few bumps. That’s what our wonderful customer service team is for! We’re here to answer all your questions and help with your order, from managing your subscription, to answering any questions or concerns, to talking about the weather. You can call us at 844-FRESHLY (844-373-7459) or email at