Happy Earth Day!

We love what we see going down on Earth Day. Since its creation in 1970, people all around the world make a conscious, combined effort to make our shared space cleaner and healthier on April 22. It’s actually quite amazing. Did you know:

  • In 2012, over 100,000 people rode bikes in China to reduce CO2 emissions and save fuel on Earth Day.
  • In 2011, 28 million trees were planted in Afghanistan by the Earth Day Network.
  • That same year in Panama, 100 endangered species of orchids were planted and maintained to prevent their extinction in honor of Earth Day.

That’s pretty inspiring. We don’t have 28 million trees to plant, but we do try to make environmental sustainability a core principle of our mission at Freshly. Our packaging is 100 percent biodegradable and/or recyclable. But there’s many other ways we as individuals can start incorporating earth-friendly habits into our daily lives. Here are five easy ones.

#1 Go Digital.

How much mail do you throw away? Instead of coming home to a mailbox stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey every day, get bills and statements delivered right to your email inbox. It just takes a simple click to switch to electronic delivery to preserve wasted paper and preserve the earth! Paperless. It’s what all the cool kids are doing.

#2 Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Use reusable shopping bags, coffee mugs, and water bottles. Make an effort to separate your plastics. Print your work documents double-sided to save paper. These simple choices can make a profound impact on saving precious, limited resources. 

#3 Be energy-efficient.

Try to splurge for the LED bulbs (for at least some of your lights) and energy efficient appliances (look for a label that says “energy star.”) LED lighting requires significantly less energy to operate than regular bulbs. You may spend a few extra dollars, but rest assured that it pays to be eco-conscious. Try to make sure you turn off the lights when you leave a room, and brighten your rooms with as much natural sunlight as possible.

#4 Travel light.

This one’s easy. Schedule your errands, like trips to the supermarket or mall, back-to-back so you can save on gas, money, and travel time all in one shot. Or try carpooling with a friend so you’re only taking one vehicle. And if you can, swap your car for a bike or better yet, walk!

#5 Shop less.

To give overflowing landfills a break, try to shop only for the food you need, so you’ll throw out less. Sometimes, we let food expire (guilty) because we don’t have the time to prep or cook. Supermarkets account for a big portion of the food waste in the U.S., but thankfully the industry’s leaders are making changes. Trader Joe’s has a Food Donation program, in which they donate “foods not fit to sell but safe for consumption” to local food banks and the homeless. There are also lots of stores that sell imperfect produce, and help change the perception that just because a fruit is bruised, it still contains just as much nutritional value.

Do you share the Freshly philosophy of going green for the greater good? If so, do the right thing for your body and our planet. Eat clean and live green.