30 Days, 30 Ways: Simple Ways to Make a Big Difference

Having a point of “reset” like the beginning of the year helps set us up for building sustainable habits, but it’s important to have a long-term plan. We tend to get really pumped to get started, set a huge goal, and then find our motivation waning a few weeks in. So how do we think about it differently?

With the guidance of our Chief Innovation Officer, Carter Comstock, and Head of Nutrition, Brooke Scheller, we’ve split our 30-day journey into four themes that will help you think about your all-around health over the next month. Each theme will contain tips and mini challenges to help you think about your health holistically.


We’re all different, and our ideas of personal health are different—some things might work for you and some things might not. Your challenge is to find one tip each week you want to try out. At the end of 30 days, you’ll have a better idea of what habits you want to continue to work on in the coming year.

Before we get started together with our first week of Wellness, take a few minutes to do a pre-challenge.

Write down your ghosts of resolutions past.
Review the list and do a little mental assessment. 

  • What have you tried to do before that hasn’t stuck?
  • Is there a theme? Do you always gravitate toward the same area of your life?
  • How did you plan to tackle these habits or goals? If so, where did the plan break down?

There’s no better insight for changing yourself than knowing yourself. See you soon!

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