9 Tips for Planning Your Thanksgiving Cheat Meal

Worried about going overboard this Thanksgiving? Don’t worry, you can have your pumpkin pie and eat it, too! Our co-founder and Chief Wellness Officer, Carter Comstock, has some tips and tricks to making the most of your Thanksgiving cheat meal.

1. Prepare yourself for the cheat.
Eat as clean as possible the week (or at least the day!) leading up to Thanksgiving by avoiding processed, packaged, and sugary food and beverages. Focus on eating protein, healthy fats, and veggies so your cheat meal feels earned.
2. “Beast mode before feast mode.”
Speaking of earning your cheat… Any exercise (but ideally high-intensity, full-body exercise) can prime the body for dealing with the huge spike of carbs, sugars, and alcohol.
3. Sprinkle cinnamon…on everything.
OK, maybe not everything, but anything you can. Cinnamon has a ton of benefits, including helping control blood sugar and inflammation.
4. Take a post-binge walk.
After you eat, walking for even just 15 minutes can assist with digestion and blood sugar regulation.
5. Drink up!
Make sure you drink water throughout the day and throughout your cheat meal—it’ll help with digestion and keep you hydrated while you’re eating salty, starchy food.
6. Make a plan.
Setting a cheat plan and sticking with it will help you feel satisfied but still in control. Decide on a certain dessert you can’t miss and one you can live without, or confine your cheat meal to a window of time so your cheat meal doesn’t become a cheat week.
7. Try a 16-hour fast after your feast.
There are many benefits to 16-hour fasts—take the time to let your body digest all the food you just took in.
8. Cheat with protein.
Go ahead and have a few extra slices of turkey—it’ll help reduce the blood sugar spike and fill you up faster.
9. Most importantly, enjoy every bite.
You’re planning your cheat for a reason. Enjoy your feast and don’t beat yourself up after—approaching it positively will help you get excited to get back on track the next day.