Make Your Own Lettuce Wrap Toppings Bar

Sun’s out, buns out—as in no more burger buns, lettuce wraps are the thing this National Grilling Month. We are a little burgered out at this point in the season, but there are easy ways to get that burger experience without the actual burger and bun. One is giving the lettuce wrap the attention it deserves. 

Sooo first things first: you’re going to need some fillings. We’ve got you there—many of our Freshly meals are 3 minutes away from filling a light, bright lettuce wrap. For this toppings bar, we filled our wraps with a new meal we’re really excited about:

A bit about the meal:
We’re doing the classic “burger,” fries, and coleslaw combo a little differently this summer: Our patties are a mix of mashed sweet potatoes, spinach, black beans, and brown rice plus a special blend of seasonings, and we serve it with shredded broccoli and carrots tossed in a spicy chipotle vinaigrette. On the side, roasted skin-on red potatoes with parsley replace fries.

To create the ultimate “burger” experience for your patties, you’re going to need a good lettuce for wrapping (like butter lettuce or romaine leaves), fresh toppings, and condiments.


1. The Southwestern (shown above)

Pickled or raw red onions + corn salad + cotija cheese + guacamole + sour cream + salsa + sliced jalapeños + fresh lime for squeezing

2. The Californian 

Slices of avocado + tomato + diced cucumber + alfalfa sprouts + Russian dressing

3. The Classic 

Tomato + white onion + pickle chips + ketchup + mustard

4. The Fusion

Scallions + shredded carrots + crushed peanuts + red cabbage + sesame seeds + sweet chili sauce for drizzling

5. The “Taco” 

Diced bell peppers + black olives + cheddar cheese + tomato + taco sauce

Feeling inspired? Or just plain hungry? Head over to the Freshly menu and find fillings to create your own lettuce wrap bar.